Daishu-in West
大珠院 ウェスト

Be kind to yourself.

Daishu-in West welcomes new and experienced practitioners for retreats of any length. First-time visitors are encouraged to become acquainted with the temple during a weekend stay. Everyone needs an opportunity to move beyond their usual patterns and challenge themselves in a constructive way to grow as a human being. Living in a simple, structured way gives us the freedom to look within and recognize the wholeness that eternally is.


A one- or two-day retreat provides visitors an introduction to the monastic rhythm of Daishu-in West. Visitors will get a taste of what serious meditation looks and feels like and an opportunity to experience the simplicity, clarity and openness that come with training the body and mind.


Arrive in the morning by 11:30 a.m.
12:00 p.m. Lunch (rice, miso soup and vegetables)
12:15-1:00 Unpack
1-3:30 Orientation/tour
4-4:30 Dinner
4:30-5:30 Bath
6-8:30 Zazen (Zen meditation)


5:00 a.m. Sutras (chanting/puja)
5:30-7:00 Zazen
7:00 Breakfast
7:30-8:30 Sweeping
9:00-11:00 Zazen
11-11:30 Tea
Noon Lunch

Arrival times and departure times are flexible. Please call the temple to make arrangements that fit your schedule.

Recommended donation: ~$150. Donation size is sliding scale based on ability to pay. Work-trade is also available.

What to bring

  • Dark, loose-fitting clothing.

  • Flashlight.

  • Bathing towel.

  • Shoes. One pair you can easily slide on and off. People staying more than a few days will require a sturdy pair of shoes as well.

  • Rain gear (winter).