Daishu-in West
大珠院 ウェスト

Daishu-in West is a small Buddhist temple belonging to the Myoshin-ji sect of the Rinzai lineage of Zen Buddhism. The temple was founded in 1994 by Soko Morinaga Roshi, the abbot of Daishu-in in Kyoto, Japan.

Two of his disciples, Shaku Daijo, who was ordained as a Zen monk in 1979, and Ursula Jarand, a long-term practitioner under the Roshi, came to Humboldt County to build the temple and are leading the practice at Daishu-in West. Ursula Jarand, as Morinaga Roshi's disciple is the only authorized Transmission Holder in a lineage that includes Zuigan Goto Roshi and Shaku Soen Roshi.

A weekly zazen group meets on Sunday mornings, sitting from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. followed by a short talk and Japanese tea.

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