Support On-san's practice in Japan

Support On-san's practice in Japan

Since last Winter, we have had a young man named Reed training at Daishu-in West. We call him On-san (園さん).

This fall, On-san made the decision to ordain in our lineage. We will have his ordination ceremony here at Daishu-in West on New Year's Eve, and he will be leaving early next year to go to Japan to enter traditional training.

This is a very exciting time for him and for the temple. This is the first time the temple will ordain a disciple and there are responsibilities that come with that, for the temple and for On-san. It is our responsibility to make sure that he gets established in Japan as well as possible while also ensuring that Daishu-in West is a vibrant temple for him to return to.

We are asking for your support to make this happen.

It is often said there are few opportunities to do Rinzai training and we are fortunate when we meet the Dharma and practice.

As a temple with connection to northern Kyoto and Daitoku-ji it is important that anyone who would be of this line spend several years in those environments.

My hope is that the temple will always be available to anyone who has karmic affinity with this style of practice. An earnest practitioner who leaves and returns may become able to continue those traditions. It is their responsibility to become qualified to do so.

Traditionally novices are poor and most go through a series of hand-me-down robes. Daishu-in West is fortunate there are many people who ensure the temple has what it needs to function. The responsibility of the Sangha is to ensure that our disciple isn't unduly encumbered by financial concerns. Trainees at Daishu-in West do not lack for robes, but there will be greater expenses if On-san becomes a novice at Daitoku-ji.

If you would like to help support On-san's training in Japan, please consider donating below.

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