Spring 2024 Newsletter


Zen Phrase

"Fundamentally there is not a single thing."


Recently at the temple

Images from Morinaga Soko Roshi's ceremony July 2023.

Construction project. A 12'x16' shed with a loft by the bath.

Dark stained 3x4 rafters have gone up on the shed near the bathhouse. Next is the plywood and felt paper. 3/8" plywood serves as corner braces on the walls.

Upcoming Events

For more information and to see our weekly events, please take a look at our calendar page.

  • Sesshin: March 12th - 17th
  • Sesshin: April 14th - April 19th
  • Sesshin: May 14th - 19th

If you are interested in attending an event, please call the temple or email us at contact@daishuinwest.org.


Adventures of a temple cat

Mighty beast.


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